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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) + GameShark

Other Mods

This section contains many misc. mods.

32004080 E100: Set Money To Max
32004080 05F5

320041F5 0040: Unlimited Stamina
320041F6 0000

82002618 FFFF: Horse Max Everything
8200261A FFFF

Stage 2

Any codes listed here use the same inserts as the ones in Stage 1. Therefore,
if a code has a yyyy anywhere you can look up insert into yyyy list in the
stage 1 codes because only the x's change when codes are converted to stage 2.

Item Mods

32006A48 yyyy: Slot 1

32006A4c yyyy: Slot 2

32006A50 yyyy: Slot 3

32006A54 yyyy: Slot 4

32006A58 yyyy: Slot 5

32006A5c yyyy: Slot 6

32006A60 yyyy: Slot 7

32006A64 yyyy: Slot 8

Building Mods

82004E0C 000F: Have The Villa, The Beach House & The Mountain Cabbin

820053FC FF01: Have Improved Barn
020053FD FFFF

82005000 009A: Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
82005001 FF9A
82005003 FF00
82005004 FFFF
82005005 FFFF

8200521C FFFF: Have Chicken House Upgrade

Time Mods

32004E1F 0078: Stop Time

32004E1D yyyy: Change Date

Friendship Codes

32006CDA FFFF: Instant Marrage To Karen!

32006D06 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Elle!

32006D5A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Ann!

32006C4A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Mary!

32006B8E FFFF: Instant Marrage To Popuri!

82006DDA FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!

82006E24 FFFF: Have All Harvest Sprites Like You!
82006E48 FFFF
82006E6C FFFF
82006E90 FFFF
82006EB4 FFFF
82006ED8 FFFF

32006CD9 00FF: Red Heart For Karen

32006D05 00FF: Red Heart For Elle

32006D59 00FF: Red Heart For Ann

32006C49 00FF: Red Heart For Mary

32006B8D 00FF: Red Heart For Popuri

82006DD8 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess

Weather Mods

32004E14 yyyy: Midify Weather

Tool Mods

32006A10 FFFF: All Tools Have Max XP
32006A14 FFFF
32006A18 FFFF
32006A1C FFFF
32006A20 FFFF

32006A6C 01yy: Slot 1

32006A70 01yy: Slot 2

32006A74 01yy: Slot 3

32006A78 01yy: Slot 4

32006A7c 01yy: Slot 5

32006A80 01yy: Slot 6

32006A84 01yy: Slot 7

32006A88 01yy: Slot 8

Other Mods

320068B4 E100: Set Money To Max
320068B8 05F5

32006A29 0040: Unlimited Stamina
32006A2A 0000

82004E4C FFFF: Horse Max Everything
82004E4E FFFF 
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